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Ostional Beach and Nosara Beach is the place for turtle watching

Ostional is about a 25-minute drive from the village of Nosara. This is the famous beach where the arribada occurs every month. Sometimes, depending upon the season, this "arrival" involves thousands of olive ridleys over a three day period. The beach can be so full of nesting turtles that you could almost one walk a mile without touching the sand. These are all females, by the way; the males never go ashore.So many turtles come ashore to nest during this period that the later arrivals excavate and destroy the nests of theearlier females.Rather than let those eggs go to waste, the locals harvest the eggs from the nests of the early arrivals.

At a certain point, the government agent in charge cuts off the harvest. The rest are allowed to stay in the sand and hatch. These legal turtle eggs are very popular as "bocas" in bars throughout Costa Rica, particularly in San Jose. The huevero (egg collector) collective at Ostional is the primary source of income for the community. Rangers and local citizens guard the eggs against poachers and natural predators (such as coatis, raccoons, and dogs) during the rest of the cycle

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