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Salsa de tomate, mozzarella, aceite de oliva, sal y albahaca fresca.
Tomato sauce,mozzarela,olive oil, sal and basil.

Jamon peperoni y hongos
Salsa de tomate, mozzarela, jamon, chile dulce y hongos.
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, ham, pepperoni and mushrooms

Salsa de tomate, mozzarela, jamon y piña.
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, ham and pineapple.

Salsa de tomate, mozzarella, perejil, ajo, cebolla, chile dulce, hongos.
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, mushrooms, onion, parsley, garlic.

Salsa de tomate, mozzarela, jamon, anchoas, alcachofa, bongos.
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, ham, artichokes, mushrooms, anchovies.

4 Stacione . 4 Toppings
Salsa de tomate, jamon, hongos, aceitunas, chile dulce.
Tomato sauce, ham, mushroms, olives, peppers.

Jamon, salchichon, aceitunas, chile dulce, cebolla y hongos
Ham, salami, olives, peppers, onion, mushrooms.

Pizza Camarones
Salsa de tomate, mozzarela, camarones
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, shrimp.

Seafood Pizza
Salsa de tomate, mozzarela, fish, shrimp, squid.
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, pescado, camarones,calamares.

Giardino Tropicale
Total ingrdientes, total toppings

Make your own pizza

Additional toppings
Pepperoni, ham, salami, anchovies, mushrooms, olives, onions, peppers, Corn, pineapple.

Special ingredients: Anchovies, gorgonzola, fish, shrimp, artichokes.

Jamon, salsa de tomate, hongos, ajo, mozarela
Tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, garlic and mozzarela

Sales tax and service 23% not included

Marcel & Myriam Schärer

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