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Sure, you can have a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating vacation right here at Giardino Tropicale.

Between laps or lounging by the lap-pool, in the hammock or down at the beach and some of the finest dining in the area . . .

Why leave ? Maybe because there are so many things to do that keep so many people coming back to Nosara, where nature and its related activities abound.


We are extremely fortunate that the beaches of Nosara are all located within a National Wildlife Refuge .

No development is allowed within 200 meters of the beach, from Playa Ostional in the north to the southern tip of Playa Guiones. This, combined with the area's uniquely residential feel attracts wildlife and helps to maintain a more natural environment for their continued habitat.

Yes, there's always a good chance to see much of the local flora and fauna right at Giardino Tropicale.

Here you're likely to see (or hear): Howler monkyes prowling through the trees overhead; Iguanas all around us; Many different kinds of birds, with a whole new world of sound; But, there's more ! Here are some of the specific areas and attractions that allow you to get up close and personal” with our amazing natural surroundings…

The Biological Reserve of Nosara is a 200-year old mangrove forest situated on the banks of the Nosara River . It is home to an incredible collection of plants and wildlife and has always been an interesting and educational experience.

We managed the Reserve for many years and would love to tell you all about it and arrange your trip. You really must see it !

Turtle Nesting/Tours

One of the main reasons the beaches of Nosara are designated a National Wildlife Refuge (Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Ostional) is the nesting of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.

According to information provided by The Refuge:

Sea turtles arrive at Ostional to lay eggs almost every night. However, the number of arrivals is cyclical peaking at the arribada” and dropping off to almost nothing on the days midway between arribadas.

Arribadas occur each month, and are more predictable in the green season … In the summer months they generally last 3 days and in the winter up to 8 days, where you can observe over 1,000 turtles laying eggs, each turtle laying an average of 100 eggs !

” The hatching of sometimes millions of baby turtles happens approximately 40-55 days after nesting and is equally exciting to witness.

With years of experience living in the area, we can advise and arrange for tours to the nesting sites at the best times.

For more information: Association for the Integrated Development of Ostional (ADIO)

Bird Watching

Ever seen a Mot-Mot”? A what-what? It's one of the more unique birds you can see quite often in our little wildlife neighborhood. While you probably won't see a Scarlet Macaw on the Nicoya Peninsula , and we all continue our never-ending search for The Resplendent Quetzal, there are many fascinating and colorful species right here in this quiet and tranquil jungle.

Parrots, toucans and others mingle with the monkeys, armadillos, coatis and other creatures all around us here.



On Land…


In addition to The Refuge and Turtle Tours there are of course great places to hike in the area. Along the beach, tide pools, and caves can be found. Not to mention what you might see or hear simply walking through town” ! On your own, with our help, or with knowledgeable guides available, you'll enjoy taking a walk on the wild side”.



Of course, you can always let the horses do the walking while you cover more ground and possibly go places that you couldn't otherwise. Take a sunset ride along the beach or up into the mountains in the cool morning air.

There are a number of fine horses available, again with guides or on your own. We even know an excellent horse-woman here who gives lessons !



Set amidst the unequalled beauty of a Costa Rican forest wilderness is the longest, most exhilarating canopy tour in the world. Traversing majestic mountain ridges and valleys, soaring high above multiple ravines, with breathtaking vistas of rivers, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean.

Comprised of 21 exhilarating runs, a stopover at the waterfall and river pools.

Suitable for nature lovers, adventurers, families and all who wish to experience the ultimate canopy tour adventure; Miss Sky Canopy promises to be the experience of a lifetime.

In The Water


Nosara is known to have some of the most consistent waves in all of Costa Rica ”. There are decent waves nearly every day, all day. Averaging about head-high, with periodic swells bringing the expectant larger waves. It's an excellent place to learn and yet interesting enough to attract surfers from literally all over the world.

We can provide you with everything you need from excellent, personalized instruction (beginner or intermediate), to board rental, to information on the various breaks in and around Playa Guiones.


Rafting & Kayaking

Explore the Rio Nosara estuary, abundant with wildlife, by renting a raft or kayak, with or without guide. The Biological Reserve runs along the river on the south side and Nosara Boat Tour can help you with equipment and advice. Or, head out along the coast in an open-water sea kayak.



If you like to drop a line occasionally, you have two options in Nosara: River or ocean ! Tony can set you up with everything you need to go up river completely prepared to bring home dinner. Or, we can put you on a boat with one of our excellent local captains to take you out for the excitement of sport fishing .

3 open boats 26,21,19 feet, European security, GPS, fishfinders, radio

For Your Health , or your head…


Nosara has also become something of a mecca for the health-conscious traveler. Here we have a world-famous yoga institute that provides annual teacher training” retreats.

This attracts many devout followers and we are rich in the availability of yoga instructors who come to Giardino Tropicale for daily classes. Let us know your interests and we can pre-plan your yoga schedule for you.



We have heard repeatedly that one of the best of all activities, on ANY vacation, is to do nothing”. Better yet, while you do nothing, having a professional bodyworker ease the general stress or particular aches and pains, is almost synonymous with a good vacation.

We have access to a wide variety of professionals and modalities to help any body feel its best. And by knowing these professionals, we can schedule your specific session with them or in your room.



What a great place to begin, or continue your Spanish language development. Now the second most commonly used language in the world, many people come to Costa Rica exclusively to study Spanish.

We can provide casual and comfortable instruction, private or group classes, for all levels from beginning to advanced.

Or, if you just like to converse a little, we both speak Spanish fluently and Myriam is born, raised and university educated in Columbia.


Marcel & Myriam Schärer

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